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Online Account

By logging into your online account you can view and administrate your network of sensors.

Alert thresholds can be adjusted,disabled or mute alerts for a set period.

An overview of all your sensor readings and history data can be viewed in real time.  

A single user basic package is free of charge,   although a 12-month subscription  offers significant value with unlimited data storage,  and unlimited users and advanced sensor configuration.

A stand-alone and enterprise option is also available as per table of features below. 

Wireless sensors networks can be integrated into custom or 3rd party software platforms.


sensor 4.png

Software Options

Basic monitoring software is Free of charge for a single user account.

A Premier 12 month online subscription service for your wireless sensor network starts from as little as R500/ year.  

A standalone solution is an alternative to the online version that will run on a PC as an application without the need for an Internet connection. This system is meant to provide a simple and effective way for customers to manage a smaller network of sensors.

An Enterprise solution is available for large organizations with specific data/usage requirements. It provides the same feature set as the Premiere online software but allows the organization to host and maintain their own sensor data.

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