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IT Solutions

for a more secure


We engineer solutions to allow you to monitor your production lines, refrigeration, power distribution,  building services and much more from your computer or smartphone.
By deploying the latest technologies  you will gain effective control of your facility saving you time, money and peace of mind.
Systems are available online 24hrs/day  via internet connectivity.

Event notification

Receive notification by E-Mail or Text message if sensor thresholds are exceeded. Assign a number of users and mange Date/Time criteria for notification. 
Online dashboards provide detailed graphs, dials and visualisation of measured data
View current or historical data on-line.
Manage sensor detection and event
View charts and  and configure daily/weekly/monthly reports.  
Multiple OS support

(Notification) Sensor: Power OFF detected at Pump station

(Notification) Sensor: Production count under 4500 /hr

(Notification) Sensor: Level low detect Tank TB0004


Wireless IoT


A variety of low power sensors are available in both commercial and industrial grade. 
Sensors are powered by a replaceable battery , which typically lasts up to 10 years. The battery status and connection quality can be managed online.
Typical wireless coverage is up to 300 meters ( non-line of sight) with a maximum of 100 sensors per gateway.
Solar charged sensors are also available.
Data is automatically stored on the wireless gateway  if your internet connection is disrupted. 
measurments 2.PNG

NST, FCC & CE certified sensors


Industrial SCADA Gateways

Remote visualisation and control for industrial sites.
This unit supports Modbus network protocols and expandable I/O.
Ideal for connecting to existing instrumentation and can interface upto 128 variables
via 32 network nodes or discrete I/O.
Online SCADA functions include event alarms, data logging , graphical dashboard and system management tools.
Configured events can be used to trigger external text or Email messages. 

Communication Serial Ports






Operating Temp

Power Supply


1xRS-232/1, 1xRS485,2xEthernet Ports ( WAN and LAN)

Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, SNMP, Modbus TCP, Profinet

3G: Five Band / GPRS:Quad-Band Class 12

Standard Built In (requires GPS antenna)

4 x Analogue ( 0-10V/0-20mA/PT100(2) )

2 x Digital Inputs ( Dry Contact/ Pulse count) 1 x Relay Output (24V DC/0.5A)

Via Web-browser / Cloud Server

Metal (92h x 135w x 27d)

-40 to 65 Deg C

9-48VDC, 4.5W


Basic GSM Systems

The GSM series remote controller is a versatile device which can be attached to many electronic devices in homes, offices, plant or wherever required.
It includes three independent relay switches and two digital alarm inputs. It allows operators to control/monitor remote equipment or machines using SMS (Short Message Service) via the GSM network.
Up to 4 mobile phone numbers (SIM card numbers) can be registered with the remote controller.
These mobile phones can belong to technicians, engineers or individuals who have a requirement to control and/or monitor corresponding devices
-Remote control from mobile phones
-Remote temperature monitoring and control
-Up to 4 mobile phones per unit
-In-built clock for programming the switch state -Automatically sends SMS message after alarm trigger
*Android only
Compatible with all major SIM networks


Building Management
Lighting control
Door and window status
Temperature regulation 
Water pressure monitor
Heating and Cooling
Power consumption
Cooling efficiency
Failure detection
Run hours
Cold storage
Temperature monitoring
Power monitoring
Vehicle detection
Smoke detection
Unauthorized access 
Push button alert 
Asset control
Local alert station
Tank levels
Moisture content
Remote facility
Standby Generator
Unauthorized access
Vibration monitor
Run hours
Production counters
Bin levels
Time in use
Condition monitoring
Remote  Control
Manual switching via internet portal or by sensor detection
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